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The importance of blue light filters

The importance of blue light filters

Jul 7,2023
The importance of blue light filters

Whether you wear prescription glasses or not, blue light protection is important for your eye health. High energy visible light affects almost everyone. It's only more dangerous for children whose protective tissues have not yet developed, and for older adults who don't have enough melatonin for optimal protection.

Getting the optimal amount of blue light during the day increases alertness, boosts mood, and helps with memory and cognitive function. However, too much blue light at night may make your brain too alert, resulting in difficulty falling asleep and exhaustion during the day.

Filtering the blue light that reaches your eyes will eliminate these unwanted side effects and help maintain your natural circadian rhythm. With proper protection, you can use the glowing screen without having to worry about messing up your body's internal clock and ensure a good night's rest.

Everyone should take precautions to prevent the harmful effects of blue light. There is growing evidence that blue light is the most dangerous light in the retina, which means that it is necessary to take steps to combat these risks.

You can spend some time outside on a sunny day, or even in a well-lit room, to get the best amount of blue light. Blue light protection won't prevent you from getting the right amount of blue light - it will only block bad (HEV) blue light.

A pair of glasses with a blue light filter can effectively act as a sunscreen against the harmful purple-blue effects of digital screens.

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